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Blurb for your free book Sam and The Sea Witch

‘Sam and the Sea Witch’ is a dark, mysterious, and psychologically gripping tale about a boy who lives in a Cornish seaside town. It contains a background of myth and legend, within the Cornish setting, which makes Sam’s story highly atmospheric.


Fourteen year old Sam Camponara is used to getting into trouble; in fact he enjoys the buzz.


So when his best friend, Johnny, tells him an old tale about The Sea Witch, Sam sees an opportunity for adventure.


But sailing the stolen boat off the Cornish coast in the middle of the night goes terribly wrong and the sea witch turns out to be horribly real.


Keeping Johnny as hostage, the sea witch tells Sam he has until the next new moon to find and deliver her missing pendant, lost fifty years earlier.


But will he be able to find the pendant in time, will anyone believe Sam’s wild story, and does he even believe it himself?         United Kingdom

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